About the Course

This presentation by Jenn Pagone, LCPC provides a fundamental understanding of the IFS model and how it may be effectively integrated with an equine-assisted practice informed by Natural Lifemanship.

There is a quiz following each part of the presentation. To earn a certificate of completion with 4.5 CE hours, you must pass each quiz with at least 75% accuracy. You may retake the quizzes as often as you'd like.

  • Part 1: A Foundational Overview of the Internal Family Systems Model (IFS)

  • Part 2: The Personal Informs the Professional - Illuminating Your Path to Self-Connection through IFS

  • Part 3: Parts Work and Connection as the Vehicle for Self-Leadership

About the Instructor

Jenn Pagone, LCPC/LPC, is IFS and EMDR certified and specializes in complex trauma, dissociation, attachment challenges, grief and loss, eating disorders, and women with cancer and infertility. Prior to opening her private practice in 2012, she worked as a rape crisis counselor and medical advocate, a clinical therapist on inpatient and outpatient eating disorders units, and managed a group home for women with eating disorders and trauma.

Jenn has a background in teaching clinical psychology, presents at conferences, and offers workshops and training at her location in Illinois. She has served as a Natural Lifemanship Trainer since 2020.